P10V45 Series Advantanges:

  • Quick Deliveries..Any Available Config.
  • Rear Port, Side Port, Thru-Drive Options
  • Torque Controls, Load Sense, Press.Comp.
  • Instant Configuration Changes
  • High Temperature Seals..All Viton
  • Split-flange or Straight-thread Ports
  • Splined or Keyed Shafts
  • Direct Replacement for Rexroth A10V45
  • Special Orders, Better Pricing
  • Direct Mount to PTO on Transmission


Max rated speed3100 RPM Filtration Recommendation 
Max Continuous Pressure4000 PSI   Beta 12 greater than or equal to200
Max Displacement2.75 CIR   Fluid Cleanliness ISO code16/14/12
Approximate Weight31 lbs Operating Viscosity Limits 
Max operating temperature180° F   Max at start up5000 SUS
Max Case pressure30 PSI   Max Continuous1000 SUS
Mounting FlangeSAE B   Min Intermittent50 SUS

Input Horsepower

1800 RPM 4000 PSI


52 HP

 Inlet pressure requirements5 in Hg
    to 20 PSI